Kimmel Dishes on Swift & Kelce at McCartney Bash

OMG! You guys are NOT going to believe this A-List party! Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is spilling the tea about an exclusive bash he went to at Paul McCartney’s house. Apparently, TayTay was the DJ!

CelebDan Dishes On The Paul McCartney Party

Can you imagine being in a room with all the biggest stars of yesterday and today? That’s what happened when Jimmy Kimmel attended Paul McCartney’s dinner party. It’s one of those events that I would LOVE an invite to. I can’t even!

  • Taylor Swift was playing DJ from her iPhone. What songs do you think she was spinning? My guess is a mix of her own hits and some classic Beatles tracks.
  • Travis Kelce was also in attendance. Wonder if he was singing karaoke?
  • Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox were in a corner chatting. Sounds like my kind of place to be.
  • Even Bruce Springsteen was impressed, saying “This is some party!”

Kimmel said he was too scared to talk to Mick Jagger, but I would have fainted dead away if I was there.

Fun Fact: Paul McCartney is a vegetarian and often serves vegan food at his parties.

Let’s be real, this is the party of the century! It’s a testament to Paul McCartney’s iconic status that he can draw such a huge crowd of A-listers. I’m totally jealous of everyone who got to be there!