Sarah Jessica Parker's Son James Shares Why Watching 'And Just Like That' Felt 'A Little Weird'

Why Watching 'And Just Like That' Felt 'A Little Weird' for Sarah Jessica Parker's Son James

Hey, CelebDan here, and I'm here to dish on the latest news about Sarah Jessica Parker's son, James.

It seems that James is feeling a little uneasy about his mom's new show, 'And Just Like That.' According to a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, James shared that watching the show felt "a little weird" for him.

As a celebrity news expert, I know that this isn't the first time that James has been in the public eye. In fact, he's been in the spotlight since he was a child, thanks to his famous parents.

But, it's understandable that watching your mom on a TV show can be a little strange, especially if the show is about her personal life. Here are some interesting tidbits about James and his relationship with his famous mom that you might not know:

  • James was born in 2002, and he's the oldest of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's three children.
  • He's appeared in some of his mom's movies, including 'Sex and the City' and 'New Year's Eve.'
  • James is a talented musician and has shown an interest in pursuing a career in music.

It's clear that James has grown up in the spotlight and has learned to navigate the ups and downs of having famous parents. While watching his mom on 'And Just Like That' might feel a little weird, I have no doubt that he'll continue to support her in all of her endeavors.

That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more celebrity news and gossip from yours truly, CelebDan.