Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Reveal the Secret to 27 Years of Marriage in Exclusive Interview with ET Online

Kelly Ripa Reflects on 27 Years of Marriage With Mark Consuelos

Hello, my fellow gossip enthusiasts! CelebDan here with the latest scoop on Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. The couple recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary and the Live with Kelly and Ryan host took the time to reflect on their long-lasting marriage in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight.

In the interview, Ripa shared some insightful and inspiring tidbits about her relationship with Consuelos. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The couple met on the set of the soap opera, All My Children, in 1995 and eloped to Las Vegas the following year.

  • Ripa attributes their successful marriage to "mutual respect" and "mutual admiration." She also explains that they always put their family first.

  • The couple has three children together, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin, and Ripa says that "raising children is the best collaboration" that she and Consuelos have ever had.

  • Ripa and Consuelos have both had successful careers in the entertainment industry, but they always make time for each other. Ripa explains that they have a "no-phone rule" at dinner and that they always go to bed at the same time.

  • Ripa and Consuelos recently launched a new podcast together called, "Double Date," where they chat with other celebrity couples about their relationships. Ripa says that the podcast has been a "great bonding experience" for her and Consuelos.

Fun Facts:

  • Ripa and Consuelos have worked together on a number of projects over the years, including the TV series, Hope & Faith, and the movie, The Stingers.

  • Ripa's first job in the entertainment industry was as a dancer on the TV show, Dance Party USA.

  • Ripa is also an executive producer on the TV series, Riverdale, which stars Consuelos as Hiram Lodge.

That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more celebrity news and gossip from yours truly, CelebDan.