Inside Kim Kardashian's Extravagant Pink-Themed PJ Party for North's 10th Birthday

Kim Kardashian Celebrates North West's 10th Birthday with Pink-Themed PJ Party

Hey, hey, hey my fellow celebrity news junkies! It's your favorite gossip guru, CelebDan, here with the latest scoop on Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West's 10th birthday party.

Kim Kardashian, the queen of extravagance, went all out for her daughter North's 10th birthday party by throwing a pink-themed PJ party. Yes, you heard me right, a pink-themed PJ party! As expected, the party was nothing short of fabulous, and the pictures are giving me major FOMO.

Here's everything we know about the party that will have you wishing you were invited!

The Party Details:

  • The party was held in Kim's backyard, which was transformed into a magical wonderland with pink balloons, pink lights, and pink decor.
  • The guests were asked to come dressed in their favorite pink pajamas, and Kim made sure everyone got the memo by sending out personalized invitations to her friends and family.
  • North's birthday cake was a three-tiered masterpiece decorated with pink frosting and topped with a giant "10" candle.
  • The guests enjoyed a variety of sweet treats, including pink donuts, pink cupcakes, and pink cotton candy.
  • The party also had a DIY slime station, where the kids could make and decorate their own slime.
  • To add to the fun, the party had a giant inflatable slide, a bouncy castle, and a photo booth with pink props.

Fun Fact: Did you know that North West's middle name is "Donda," after her father, Kanye West's late mother?

Kim Kardashian's Love for Extravagant Parties:

Kim Kardashian is known for her love of extravagant parties, and this party was no exception. From her baby showers to her Christmas parties, she always goes the extra mile to make sure her guests have a good time. We can always count on Kim to throw the party of the year and give us major FOMO.

Final Thoughts:

Kim Kardashian's pink-themed PJ party for North's 10th birthday was everything and more. The party was a perfect blend of fun and whimsy, and the pictures have us all wishing we were invited. Kim never fails to disappoint with her parties, and we can't wait to see what she has in store for us next. Stay tuned for more juicy celebrity news from your favorite gossip guru, CelebDan.