The Golden Bachelor": ABC's New Dating Series for Finding Love in the Golden Years

I am so excited to share with you all the latest dating series coming to ABC! The network has just announced a new show called "The Golden Bachelor" that is specifically aimed at finding love for the golden years. As someone who has seen countless dating shows, this is a refreshing twist that I cannot wait to watch. Here are some of the juicy details I have uncovered:

  • "The Golden Bachelor" will feature 20 single men over the age of 65 who are looking for love. These men are successful, handsome, and ready to settle down with the right woman.
  • The women competing for their hearts will be between the ages of 50 and 70. This age range is perfect because it allows for a diverse group of women who are at a similar stage in life as the men.
  • The show will take place in a luxurious mansion, just like "The Bachelor" franchise. However, there will be some differences, such as no hot tub scenes or overnight dates.
  • The host of "The Golden Bachelor" has not been announced yet, but I am hoping for someone with experience in the dating world. Maybe even a celebrity who is in a happy relationship and can give the contestants some advice!
  • The premiere date for the show has not been revealed, but I am already setting my DVR. I cannot wait to see these silver foxes find true love!

Trivia: Did you know that the average age of a contestant on "The Bachelor" is 26? "The Golden Bachelor" is a refreshing change that shows love knows no age limit.