'Love Is Blind' Star Micah Lussier Keeps It Classy With Ex's Mom: Reveals They Will 'Always Be Friends'

'Love Is Blind' Star Micah Lussier: Keeping It Classy With Ex's Mom!

Hey, hey, hey, CelebDan here with the latest scoop on "Love Is Blind" star Micah Lussier! The reality TV starlet might have called it quits with Paul Peden, but she's still keeping it classy with his mom. That's right folks, Micah recently revealed that she will "always be friends" with her ex's mother. Here's the tea on this heartwarming revelation:

  • Micah and Paul's mom have always been close: It seems like the bond between Micah and Paul's mom was pretty strong, even before the breakup. In her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Micah revealed that she's always had a "great relationship" with her ex's mother. She also added that the two of them "have a lot of love for each other."

  • The breakup didn't change anything: Even though Micah and Paul's romance didn't work out, that didn't mean that the reality TV starlet was going to cut ties with her ex's family. In fact, Micah said that she and Paul's mom are still "texting and calling each other" regularly. She even shared that they recently caught up over a video call.

  • Micah is all about positive vibes: Despite the drama that can sometimes follow reality TV breakups, Micah is all about keeping things positive. The starlet shared that she's been focusing on "spreading love" and "setting a good example" for others. It's clear that Micah's commitment to positivity extends to her relationships as well.

  • Fans are loving Micah's attitude: It's no surprise that fans of "Love Is Blind" are loving Micah's attitude towards her ex's mom. Many took to social media to praise Micah for her "classy" behavior, with some even calling her an "angel." It's clear that Micah's fans are here for her positive vibes and her commitment to friendship.

And there you have it, folks! Another juicy tidbit from the world of reality TV. Micah Lussier might not be with Paul Peden anymore, but she's still keeping it classy with his mom. We love to see it!