Kieran Culkin Spills Tea on 'Succession' Season 4: Filming in Norway and Close Bond with Alexander Skarsgård

Kieran Culkin is spilling the tea about his experience filming the upcoming season of "Succession" in Norway. As a celebrity news expert, I've got insider scoop on what the fans can expect from the highly anticipated fourth season of the hit HBO show. Here's everything you need to know about Kieran Culkin's "great rapport" with Alexander Skarsgård and what went down behind the scenes in Norway.

The Bromance Between Kieran Culkin and Alexander Skarsgård

Kieran Culkin has revealed that he and Alexander Skarsgård have developed a close bond on the set of "Succession" season 4. According to Culkin, the two actors have a "great rapport" and have been having a blast working together. As a celebrity news expert, I can confirm that this bromance has been a hot topic among fans of the show.

Filming in Norway

Fans will be pleased to know that the "Succession" crew went all out for season 4. According to Culkin, the cast and crew filmed in a remote location in Norway, which added an entirely new dimension to the show. Culkin revealed that the Norwegian landscape was stunning and provided the perfect backdrop for the show's dramatic scenes.

What to Expect From Season 4

While Culkin remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the upcoming season, he did hint that fans can expect more of the same juicy drama that has made "Succession" such a hit. He also revealed that the characters will be facing new challenges and that viewers can expect some unexpected twists and turns.

Final Thoughts

As a celebrity news expert, I'm excited to see what "Succession" season 4 has in store for fans. From Kieran Culkin's bromance with Alexander Skarsgård to the show's stunning new location in Norway, there's plenty to be excited about. One thing's for sure: this is going to be a season to remember!